Monday, November 27, 2006

Point Lobos State Reserve.

Although you can't tell it from this picture, Point Lobos is one of those places where you'll be walking along looking at rocks and then realize that there are about 20 seals there too and wonder how many you've missed along the way. Its south of Carmel, if you go on a weekend, get their early because there is limited parking and it can fill up. More on Point Lobos from Monterey John.

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MontereyJohn said...

Hi Jacob, thanks for the visit. The images you looked at were shot in several places. The downtown SF shot was from Treasure Island in the middle of the Bay Bridge. The beach shots were in Mendocino County. The old town shots were taken in Eureka.

Nice to have someone else in the neighyborhood posting pix!

Now I'll peruse your site a bit :)