Monday, May 28, 2007

Point Pinole

I went to Point Pinole in Richmond, California the other day and thought I'd share some pictures. Overall its a nice place, but not worth the $5 parking fee, when so many similar places nearby are FREE. Dogs can run around off-leash on the trails, but there is a $2 dog fee. The parking lot is nice though, they have a shuttle that runs to the 1200 ft long pier and back, that way you don't have to carry 100 lbs of fishing gear out there.

There are ton of non-indigenous eucalyptus trees planted by the explosive companies, some of them are pretty big. To the right of the ruined foundation is one of the more minor paths, which look great for mountain biking, overall its probably a little bit limited spacewise for really tearing it up for more than an hour.

There is a freshwater pond with a couple large fields nearby.

And of course, as with any San Francisco bay area coastal park, you get great views.

Bay Area Hiker has a hike guide and more photos.

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