Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lake Campground and Jackson Lake Review

A typical campsite at Lake Campground.

Just back from Lake Campground California, west of Wrightwood in the San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest.  It looks like the campground is remote, but its really not, with other campgrounds right around it and a lodge touching the east side, it is also fairly close to the road (for this reason I would argue the south side campsites are better with the exception of the one next to the toilet).  There are 8 well spaced out campsites, which on summer weekends are 100% full, there are two pit toilets, one latch didn't work, but they were clean.  There are probably four water faucets.  The campsites are typical fire ring, bear box and some semi-flat land to pitch a couple tents.  Parking might be rough if you have two cars depending on the site, but the road isn't that far at all.  The campsite host was great and actually is based in the next campsite over, Mountain Oak.

The campground is about a quarter mile walk from Jackson Lake, shown below.  Jackson Lake is a small lake, not really suitable for anything but swimming and fishing.  Even kayaking would probably get old quick.  There is a rope swing and it would probably be fun to go in after a day of hiking and then just walk back to the campground.  It was pretty busy on the weekend.

Anyway, June is a nice time of year to visit the area, the weather was great, a little windy, but good temperature.  It is a surprisingly close 75 minutes from orange county with no traffic, twice that on a Friday night.

The small beach at Jackson Lake, CA. 

A view of pretty much the entire lake.

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