Friday, December 1, 2006

17 mile drive, Monterey California.

The 17 mile drive near Monterey and Carmel California is a trip most people will consider not worth the money, considering the surprisingly similar Point Lobos is just south of the area. Anyway, you pay your money ($8 per car when I last went) and drive around a ritzy neighborhood, Pebble Beach golf course, and stopping at various beaches to take in the view. The houses are big and neat if you're into that sort of thing, the beaches are not so great considering Monterey bay is nearby. It'll take you a couple hours to get around the whole thing depending on how many stops you take. All times I've went has been foggy and I haven't seen any large sea animals on the trips, but I have seen them both north and south of the drive, so I assume its not out of the realm of possibilities. A vlog of the area here the tree is famous!

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Anonymous said...

Looooved seeing your pics - I grew up in Roseville and am familiar with all your sites..especially the photo of a Tahoe Beach - was it Incline Village? Sorry to see jet skis there - too noisy for that beautiful lake..Have you been to Sea Ranch?

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