Friday, December 1, 2006

Monterey bay.

This is a picture from the little boardwalk in Monterey. If you search for stuff to do in Monterey, people will rave about the aquarium. Its nice and all, but for my money its overpriced and really a little bit small and full of kids. I wish they would let you see the big tank for $3 and you could skip the rest. What you need to do, if you are in any kind of shape at all and the weather is sort of nice, is to rent a kayak from one of the many places and take it out onto the bay for half a day or so. The seals will come close enough to freak you out, the otters will merrily ignore you, and you can try not to think of the many other creatures just a few feet below your fragile sea kayak. It is really great fun and unless some disaster strikes, you will put it in the top 50 things you have ever done. The aquarium will not ever make that list.

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